Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brief History Of C

 In 1970 a programmer, Dennis Ritchie, created a new language called
C. (The name came about because it superceded the old
programming language he was using: B.) C was designed with one
goal in mind: writing operating systems. The language was extremely
simple and flexible, and soon was used for many different types of
programs. It quickly became one of the most popular programming
languages in the world.
C's popularity was due to two major factors. The first was that the
language didn't get in the way of the programmer. He could do just
about anything by using the proper C construct. (As we will see, this
flexibility is also a drawback, as it allows the program to do things that
the programmer never intended.)
The second reason that C is popular is that a portable C compiler was
widely available. Consequently, people could attach a C compiler for
their machine easily and with little expense.
In 1980, Bjarne Stroustrup started working on a new language, called
"C with Classes." This language improved on C by adding a number of
new features. This new language was improved and augmented, and
finally became C++.

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